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The departure from the ring for a great fighter
SES Boxing said Saturday THANK YOU for a great career: [/b][/u] Lukáš Konečný was after 55 professional fights for SES Boxing, many big titles and after a total of almost 20 years passed Magdeburg boxing history. "You never quite goes - you great fighter and man!" Thank you Lukas Konecny †...
2014-07-30 - 1:44:18 PM

Super Fight Night in Dessau - Results and quotes
SES boxing event, Saturday, 07.26.2014, Anhalt Arena in Dessau "Super Fight Night" Results and sound bites Robert Stieglitz victorious over Khomitsky - his "World Cup project" continues Robin Krasniqi with a clear points victory now in the WBO and WBA in a prime position for a new world title chance Christina Hammer is ...
2014-07-27 - 5:00:32 PM

Ergebnisse Offizielles Wiegen Autohaus BERESA Dessau
Coming soon... ...
2014-07-25 - 5:49:13 PM

Public workout in Bauhaus city Dessau
– der Countdown für die „Super Fight Night“ läuft They came, sweating and showed their skills. Karstadt Dessau had everything well prepared, the training ring was placed prominently. Thus the Dessauer boxing fans and members of the press could have a "skin-tight" to obtain from SES fighters of the &qu ...
2014-07-24 - 10:40:51 AM

The fifth title fight is fix
"Super Fight Night" on July 26, 2014 in Dessau "The World Cup project!" The fifth WBO title fight is now fixed: Moritz steel from the "Team Germany" is fighting for his first Belt: WBO Youth Inter-Conti-title fight against the Spaniard Guram Natsulishvili The Referee: WBO Inter-Continental Super Middl ...
2014-07-22 - 3:34:51 PM

Quotes from today's press conference in the Hugo-Junkers-Dessau Museum
"Super Fight Night" on July 26, 2014 in Dessau "The World Cup project!" Sound bites from today's press conference in "Hugo Junkers Museum" / Dessau Robert Stieglitz wants to fight against Sergey "The Ghost" Khomisky back to number 1! Robert Stieglitz: "A mind is always surprising and u ...
2014-07-21 - 4:45:11 PM

One Year "Team Germany"
"Super Fight Night" on July 26, 2014 in Dessau "Hello world football champion, welcome home! Your presentation, our goal - we want to become world champion! " One year "Team Germany" in boxing - the very positive assessment Ulf Steinforth: "With team spirit, high motivation and self-discipline on the way ...
2014-07-16 - 11:34:13 AM

Dominic Boesel
The undefeated former WBO junior world champion Dominic Boesel (15-0-0 (5)) from Freyburg / Unstrut, number 8 of the WBO rankings and the current WBO Inter-Continental Champion Half-Heavyweight, is located in the Dessau Anhalt Arena with the experienced Hungary Daniel Regi (22-9-0 (11)) measured for his first title defense in the "Seniors" ...
2014-07-14 - 5:11:44 PM

Hoch hinaus – mit dem Gewicht nach unten!
Coming soon... ...
2014-07-10 - 6:02:51 PM

OB Peter Kuras übernimmt Schirmherrschaft
Coming soon... ...
2014-07-10 - 11:08:20 AM

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