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Year-end spurt for SES youngsters!
+ + + Dominic Boesel and Felix Lamm rely on competition experience + + + Two SES Youngsters prepare for a year-end spurt. Light heavyweight Dominic Boesel (9-0-0 (3)), who impressed as short-time worker by early victory two weeks ago, climbs into the ring of the Anhalt Arena in Dessau against Hungarian Jozsef Molnar (5-9-1 (3)) this Saturd ...
2012-11-29 - 11:51:03 AM

"Schwere Jungs" 6th stroke: Robin Krasniqi on the way to World Champion
Premature victory vs. Max Heyman WBO Heavyweight International Championship, 10 rounds Robin Krasniqi vs. Max Heyman tK.o. victory for Robin Krasniqi 3rd round, 2:45 min. WBO Interantional titleholder Robin Krasniqi would obviously leave burning nothing before his world title chance against Nathan Cleverly. Already in the 1st round he a ...
2012-11-17 - 02:06:57 AM

"Schwere Jungs" 5th stroke: short-time worker Francesco Pianeta
Heavyweight, 10 rounds Francesco Pianeta vs. Nelson Dario Dominguez tK.o. victory Francesco Pianeta, 1st round, 2:31 min In the heavyweight fight between Francesco Pianeta and Nelson Dario Dominguez, the number 8 of the WBO world rankings, Pianeta proved short-time working. Although the Argentine was started aggressively in the duel, dom ...
2012-11-17 - 01:56:00 AM

"Schwere Jungs" 4th stroke: Unanimous points victory for Dennis Ronert
Cruiserweight, 6 rounds Dennis vs. Ronert. Tamas Bajzath Unanimous points victory Dennis Ronert Cruiserweight Dennis Ronert which will strengthen in the future the "Schweren Jungs" gained a unanimous points victory against his opponent from Hungary Tamas Bajzath in Maritim Hotel Magdeburg. Already in the 1st round, he showed th ...
2012-11-17 - 01:47:55 AM

"Schwere Jungs" 3rd stroke: Dominic Boesel also makes short work
Heavyweight, 8 rounds Dominic Boesel vs. Zoltan Kiss Jr. tK.o. win Dominic Boesel, 3rd round, 2:55 min 140 fans from the region Freyburg (Unstrut) fired on SES light heavyweight Dominic Boesel Friday night in his fight against the experienced Zoltan Kiss Jr. And the "heavy guy" in the 1st round set down a signal by put out of ...
2012-11-17 - 01:44:23 AM

"Schwere Jungs" 2nd stroke: Markus Tomala makes short work of the first round
Markus Tomala vs. Istvan Ruszinszky tK.o. victory Markus Tomala, 1st round 1:14 min SES heavyweight Markus Tomala made the "heavy guys" all the glory. Already he caught his opponent in the 1st round with an effective hit on the chin. Istvan Ruszinszky went to the ground and had to be down for the count of referee Klaus Griesel. ...
2012-11-17 - 01:36:07 AM

"Schwere Jungs" 1st stroke: Moritz steel shines with t.K.o
Light Heavyweight, 4 rounds Moritz Stahl vs. Josef Obeslo t.K.o. victory Moritz Stahl 3rd round, 1:42 min In his second professional use made SES newcomer Moritz Stahl a trip to the light heavyweight division and was officially introduced to the Czech Josef Obeslo. After dominating two rounds, he sent his opponent in the third distance w ...
2012-11-17 - 01:33:14 AM

Draw by Official Weigh-In!
“Schwere Jungs”, 16. November 2012, Maritim Hotel Magdeburg At today's official Weigh-In for tomorrow's event "Schwere Jungs" in Maritim Hotel in Magdeburg defending champion Robin Krasniqi and his American challenger Max Heyman went with a draw on the scale. International WBO champion Robin Krasniqi brought ...
2012-11-15 - 5:24:40 PM

+++Heute+++Offizielles Wiegen+++MACO Möbel+++
Coming soon... ...
2012-11-15 - 09:06:39 AM

SES equipped on with the "Schweren Jungs"!
Cruiserweight Dennis Ronert in future under SES flag 16th November 2012, Maritim Hotel Magdeburg With Robin Krasniqi and Francesco Pianeta the Magdeburg SES boxing team already has two big names in the higher weight classes. Unbeaten cruiserweight Dennis Ronert (12-0-0 (10)) will continue to be in use for SES. "Dennis was in January ...
2012-11-14 - 3:36:40 PM