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Stieglitz vs. Abraham- Offizielles Wiegen - Maco Möbel
Coming soon... ...
2014-02-28 - 5:06:37 PM

Public training in Boerdepark Magdeburg - Stieglitz vs. Abraham III
He had to celebrate! World Champion Robert Stieglitz enjoyed the appearance at public training in "flare Park" in Magdeburg. Fans ago, 500 he completed his mandatory challenger and Arthur Abraham, the double world champion Christina Hammer and her opponent Jessica Balogun, a short training program. The Magdebur ...
2014-02-27 - 09:58:12 AM

Todays press conference in Magdeburg:
SES-boxing event in Magdeburg Press conference today in Magdeburg: "Welcome to the lion's den!" Robert Stieglitz: "Saturday, there is crack in the ring!" Arthur Abraham: "It's an all or nothing!" WBO Super Middleweight Championship Robert Stieglitz vs.. Arthur Abraham III The other t ...
2014-02-25 - 6:14:26 PM

With world champion Robert Stieglitz everything goes according to plan!
On weekends SES head coach Dirk Dzemski was able to report: "Everything is going according to plan!" With the recent sparring WBO champion Robert Stieglitz is well equipped in the last days before the fight against his mandatory challenger Arthur Abraham. Dirk Dzemski: "Robert has presented great in sparring. He is not only a ...
2014-02-24 - 4:59:45 PM

Robert Stieglitz for the 1st FC Magdeburg - Magdeburg for Robert Stieglitz
That can not be stopped WBO champion Robert Stieglitz. To return half kick-off, he has supported the 1.FC Magdeburg the back and visited the game against the Berliner AK. And, the Magdeburg won in this important game to the possible rise of 2-1! The audience cheered in a mid-term action their world champion and gave him as the special sup ...
2014-02-24 - 11:30:46 AM

The Box Queen Ramona Kühne and the four young "SES Musketeers"
The Box Queen Ramona Kühne and the four young "SES Musketeers": Robin Krasniqi, Dominic Boesel, Moritz steel and Tom Black Triple world champion Ramona Kuehne defending her Title at super-featherweight In the heavyweight Steffen Kretschmann will celebrate his comeback under the SES flag! + + + SES boxing event on Friday 28 ...
2014-02-20 - 5:34:53 PM

Robert Stieglitz and Ulf Steinforth hand over boxing equipment to the boxing department of SV Lindenweiler
The boxing sport needs young. In Magdeburg you're there on a good way! With the establishment of the very successful box-section of the SV Lindenweiler two years ago, SES Boxing has engaged in a support role for the young boxer in the division. With pride SES promoter Ulf Steinforth, SES coaching staff and of course WBO champion Robert S ...
2014-02-19 - 5:24:24 PM

Two fresh types for SES Boxing
Dario Bredicean and Tom Pahlmann "Florida Boy" and "Jung from the Baltic Sea coast" Different can be hardly two CVs or output requirements for entry into the professional boxing. The boxing talents and SES Fighter Dario Bredicean (20) and Tom Pahlmann (19) actually have little in common: they are both young, highly ...
2014-02-12 - 1:55:16 PM

Michael Wallisch defended his national title in the heavyweight
Now it is also "heavy duty" in Magdeburg: Michael Wallisch defended his national title in the heavyweight division against harmful Frank Will Fourth title fight for the SES boxing event on 1 March in Magdeburg Referee: Welcome to the "lion's den"! The Trilogy: Robert Stieglitz vs.. Arthur Abraham III WBO ...
2014-02-05 - 2:04:12 PM

Ice Cold - Robert Stieglitz finished training camp at the Baltic Sea coast
"The hard sparring phase can begin!" WBO champion Robert Stieglitz in training camp in "Beach Hotel Fish Land", Dierhagen It has done really well! In the fresh but icy Baltic Sea air, WBO champion Robert Stieglitz has until yesterday the finishing touches in the conditioning work before the big World Cup match ...
2014-02-03 - 2:40:48 PM

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