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Dominik Boesel clearly wins his heavyweight duel in Kiev
The young light heavyweight Dominic Boesel won his eighth professional fight. In a dominant run fight against Slovaks Vladimir Tazik. Boesel has continued to impress with beautiful combinations to the body and head of his opponent. This turned the SES Fighter against brave, but had to leave the technical superiority and its impact variants en ...
2012-10-07 - 1:10:34 PM

Lukas Konecny loses tight fight against Zaur Baysangourov - scoring judge adjudicate the course of the fight by far
Dominic Boesel wins the fight clearly on points WBO world super welterweight championship Zaur Baysangurov vs. Lukas Konecny In the Ukrainian capital Kiev, the long-awaited duel between the reigning WBO champion Zaur Baysangurov and the Czech WBO interim champion Lukas Konecny was discharged from the SES Boxing team finally. As it predi ...
2012-10-07 - 11:51:40 AM

Offizielles Wiegen vor der Entscheidung!
Coming soon... ...
2012-10-05 - 9:55:49 PM

Press training on numerous TV teams and journalists in Kiev
Before deciding about the true WBO world champion in super welterweight, interim champion Lukas Konecny and world champion Zaurbek Baysangurov completed on Thursday afternoon, a press training in the boxing club Spartak Stadium in Kiev. Five TV teams, ten photographers and numerous journalists followed the appearance of the two fighters. On S ...
2012-10-05 - 08:00:10 AM

“Das Vierte” shows on Saturday "Live Boxing" with four SES fights from 20.15 clock!
Main fight live from the "Palace of Sports" in Kiev: WBO World Championship in Super Welterweight Zaur Baysangurov vs. Lukas Konecny “Das Vierte” and the Magdeburg SES boxing stable has to offer the German boxing fans something special for prime time next Saturday from 20.15 clock. The first time come on this popular ...
2012-10-04 - 6:12:01 PM

SES team discover with Lukas Konecny the beautiful sides of Kiev
WBO World Championship Zaur Baysangurov vs. Lukas Konecny- the decision about the true WBO World Champion in Super Welterweight Large Co-romotion between SES and K2 on 6 October 2012 in the Palace of Sports in Kiev WBO World Championship Zaur Baysangurov vs. Lukas Konecny- the decision about the true WBO World Champion in Super Welterw ...
2012-10-04 - 07:50:56 AM

WBO World Championship Zaur Baysangurov vs. Lukas Konecny -
Big Co-Promotion between SES and K2 on 6 October 2012 in the Palace of Sports in Kiev Interim Champ Lukas Konecny loosely: "The last battle of Baysangurov has not impressed me, he can not win against me! I am the more experienced and harder fighter!" Wladimir Klitschko wishes both fighters luck on the press conference and see a ...
2012-10-02 - 4:17:20 PM

Dominic Boesel in his eighth professional fight and the pro debut of Moritz Stahl
Two other SES Fighter enforce the program on 6 October in Kiev Main fight: WBO World Super Welterweight Championship Zaurbek Baysangurov vs. Lukas Konecny "Das Vierte" will be broadcasting live from 20:15 clock for Germany Today the SES team, with Lukas Konecny and two other SES professionals, has landed in Kiev. In the co-pr ...
2012-10-01 - 1:04:01 PM

Die große Stunde des Lukas Konecny - die Entscheidung um den wahren WBO-Weltmeister im Superweltergewicht
“If Baysangourov will fight against me as he fought in this last fight, I'll beat him ahead of the twelfth round!” Co-promotion between SES and K2 on 6 October 2012, Palace of Sports in Kiev "Das Vierte" broadcast for Germany from 8:15pm (CET) – main event 10:00pm (CET) October 6th will be the big mom ...
2012-09-27 - 1:38:49 PM

Historians Konecny
What tipped the scales for the success of the Magdeburg boxing sport Sometimes it seems that professional Lukas Konecny not stand quite as central as his SES teammate Robert Stieglitz. But the 34-year-old has more on one's record for Magdeburg than former world champion Stieglitz, who has "temporarily" loaned out his belt ...
2012-09-26 - 4:23:18 PM