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Viel Sonne, blaues Meer und „knüppelhartes“ Training - Robert Stieglitz im Trainingslager in der Tü

German Box Summit: Robert Stieglitz against Felix Sturm - on Saturday, November 8, 2014, live in SAT.1

The two-time world champion Robert Stieglitz has willed it so. Where others vacation, the former world champion has to face a tough program in the super middleweight division. Six weeks before his highly anticipated duel against Felix Sturm, the former world champion at middleweight, traveled Magdeburg on the Turkish Riviera, to devote himself near Antalya a special training program. Together with SES chief coach Dirk Dzemski and SES workout partner Dominic Boesel (WBO Inter-Continental Champion in the half-heavyweight) he pulls through a rigorous training program stick with running, swimming and power units.

Robert Stieglitz : "We train here in as a kind of" spurt "in the preparation three times a day, have for the seven days of a violent program as planned and let Dirk Dzemski limited to breaks. Only, in this weather fill with sun and 30 degrees can be obtained by additionally attract motivated. For the special duel against Felix Sturm I also wanted something else insert at the weather conditions in Germany in the training routine! "

SES chief coach Dirk Dzemski: "We have here for this preparatory phase with swimming, running and power units the ideal conditions. Robert has always trained yes "like an animal", is in Magdeburg the first to come and the last to leave our gym. I wanted to put new and additional stimuli now simply again. The plan here in conjunction with our semi-heavyweight Dominic Boesel on full. The two toil, drive at each other and having lots of fun motivation is high. Holiday is different! "

"Ran boxes" shows the German boxing summit on Saturday, November 8, 2014, from 22:30 clock live in SAT.1 and Organisers of the Battle evening in Stuttgart's Porsche-Arena is the event and marketing agency MMP.

Tickets for the fight night are available at and tel. 0711-2 55 55 55.

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