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Preview On April 30, 2016, the SES boxing event comes from the "Jahrhunderthalle" in the middle of Central Germany [IMAGE file] Quotes from the first press conference in the "Merkur Casino" Saxony-Anhalt: The Referee: The WBO number 1 Dominic Boesel goes full risk and puts his title against unbeaten "95%-Ko-King" Denis Liebau on game [IMAGE file] Dominic Boesel: "Liebau has been a great record, but he can not get to my boxing skills - I" Fence with fists "!" Denis Liebau: "I will fast all the way up, whether against Bösel or any other of the world's best - my fists" through the wall "!" Second main battle: The next start for the rematch - in the second fight will be decided! German Championship in Welterweight: Felix Lamb vs. Philipp Schuster [IMAGE file] Felix Lamm: "Philip," eggs on the table "- I'm going to win, you just stop me!" Philipp Schuster: "Our fight will be lamb last - Felix, that was for you then!" S ...
2017-04-22, 7:00 PM

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  " " 2017-04-22, 7:00 PM ,
Schwarz, Stieglitz und Deines siegen im Gleichklang – dreimal K.o. in Pilsen
Successful SES boxing night in Pilsen [IMAGE file] Schwarz, Stieglitz and Deines victorious - three Ko in Pilsen "Team Czech Republic" with two fresh title winners - Win Lucie and Fabiana! Tom Schwarz - first title defense in overdrive with Ko It was a short and but impressive appearance at his first "foreign as ...
2016-03-06 - 7:57:21 PM
Viel Sonne, blaues Meer und „knüppelhartes“ Training - Robert Stieglitz im Trainingslager in der Tü
German Box Summit: Robert Stieglitz against Felix Sturm - on Saturday, November 8, 2014, live in SAT.1 The two-time world champion Robert Stieglitz has willed it so. Where others vacation, the former world champion has to face a tough program in the super middleweight division. Six weeks before his highly anticipated duel against Felix Sturm, ...
2014-09-25 - 1:45:22 PM
Pianeta and Schwarz on the red carpet
European champion Pianeta meets "Rocky" Sylvester Stallone Francesco Pianeta in Germany premiere of "Expendables III" in Cologne SES-heavyweight Francesco Pianeta fulfilled at 06:08. Cologne in real life and childhood dream: he met Hollywood legend "Rocky" Sylvester Stallone. For this unique event, Pianeta ...
2014-08-12 - 09:04:44 AM
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